Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why does eyeliner make me look scary?

I know this sounds funny but eyeliner really does make me look scary - even if I use just VERY little. I'm Indian and have black eyes, and use black eyeliner - so maybe it has something to do with that?

Does anyone else have the same problem?Why does eyeliner make me look scary?
I'm not Indian, but i do have dark brown eyes and long eyelashes. whenever i wear black eyeliner, it dosen't look that good so i switched to brown and it looked much better:)Why does eyeliner make me look scary?
I also have dark hair and big dark eyes. Use pencil liner and line the inner rim of your eyes, instead of putting it below or above. Then use a white eyeliner on the top of your upper lid. This makes your eyes look very bright and cheery and really lights up your face.

Use the tip of any dark eye shadow color under your lower lashes. If you get too much, use a q-tip to remove some of it.

People with dark hair and dark eyes are usually a winter. That means you should wear bright, bold, contrasting colors. Don't know your season?

To find out more, read the referring page.
Use a slate/gray color or even a jewel tone. Plum is universally flattering, but cobalt blue and emerald green are great options. Just use it on your top lid and have it gradually thicken towards the outside of your eye. Only line the outer half of your bottom lid. A nude or natural shade will tone it down too.
if you have dark skin and/or dark eyes, you need to use a different color to complement that. Use a plum color eyeliner so that it won't look too drastic on you. Use light colors as eye shadow to bring out your eyes more.
i have brown skin tone and black eyes too, and i have to admiti look scary too when u wear blck eye liner, it makes us look gothy, so i sugest wear a lighter colour of eye liner, like pink or silver thoes colours will look great with you.
haha im the same way :| i cant wear it, it just doesnt look right on my because my eyes are dark brown.

i just put mascara on my top lashes then curl them then put one swipe on my bottom ones im the ends sort of thing.

it makes my eyes look really nice!
i do! everytime i use eyeliner i look scary and gothic or something even if i use hardly any i still look weird, so i just don't use it.
you are not used to seeing yourself that way %26amp; it could also be the way you are applying it.

it'll take some time for you to get used to seeing yourself with eyeliner.
well i don't know if i'd say scary, but i don't look good in eyeliner, lol. maybe try using a dark brown eyeliner instead of black or only do the corners of your eyes.
because you have such dark eyes using a dark liner gives you the dark doomy look

try using purple or blue

maybe even green

i prefer light purple it gives your eyes a '; wide awake'; bright look
its because you are using dark makeup with a dark complexion. It is never a good idea to ever go darker than you're color range. The same color as you're features or lighter is your safest bet. :)

Hope I helped u!
maybe you should only put it on the top. try a creamy powder applying it with a skinny eyeliner brush. would be much softer.
if you put white/pearl eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes it looks really good and makes you look wide awake and you wont look dark and scary
maybe ur just putting the eyelioner on very thin...its maked your eyes look smaller..or mayeb ur just putting it on very thick wich makes u look goth. try using purple or green eyeliner to bring out your eyes
maybe it's because of your face shape or something... it might be the fact that you have dark hair too so you look a little bit gothic or something... idk. lol but dont worry about it too much :D
look on I found one on there that helped me

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