Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Which to you put on first: eyeliner or false eyelashes?

I'm not quite sure, I'm new with using false eyelashes.

Any tips on putting them on?

Thanks!Which to you put on first: eyeliner or false eyelashes?
Lashes first - then liner.

Tips - don't put them on for the first time half an hour before you are going out!!! They take a bit of practice!

If a full set of lashes looks too much, you can trim them down. I find that having half a set starting at the middle of the eye to the outside edge looks good.

I wouldn't risk using nail glue near my eyes even if it is supposed to be the same thing or not.Which to you put on first: eyeliner or false eyelashes?
You put eyelashes on first,then eyeliner.

Try putting on the lashes like this,apply glue leave till glue feels tacky when tried by touching with a finger, pick up eyelash with tweezers apply gently to the eyelid close to lashes,put tweezers down and press the false lashes onto the eyelid starting from the centre to the inside of the eye first and finnish by pressing out to the outer edge.

If you want you can put a little mascara on to blend the false lashes in with your natural lashes. They take a little practise but sure are worth the effort. Hope this helps.
I do all of my eyemakeup first (thats eyeliner, shadow, even mascara) and then put the false eyelashes on last. Dont use too much glue so that it slops around everywhere. Use just enough and hold it on at the ends for a few seconds so the glue starts to go ';tacky'; and then you can take your hands away and they should stay on and dry by themselves. Place them right down as close to your own eyelashes as possible.
False eyelashes first, eyeliner later.

I use liquid to fill the the small gaps

between the fake lashes and my real lashes.

It makes them look SO MUCH fuller.

Oh yeah nd make sure the glue's tacky

before you apply them or you'll have fallout.
After, give the glue a chance to dry then apply liner, this will cover up the dried glue.

Eve Pearl rocks!鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
put your lashes on first than mascara because if you put eyeliner on first it would be harder to attach the lashes

i hope this helps!
Lashes, then liner. if you run out of lash glue and you have the stick on nails glue, use that because its the same stuff.
If they are individual lashes, eyeliner first. For the strip of lashes, lashes first.
Put on your lashes first.

If you do eyeliner first and you mess up with the lashes,

the glue will get in the way.
eyeliner on the indside of your eyelids

eye lashes

mascara =]
Lashes first liner after, otherwise they are hard to stick down.
Lashes, liner
put on fake lahes first then eyeliner
eyeliner first or else you would screw the whole thing up
go to a salon
I dont
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