Monday, June 21, 2010

What is the best eyeliner that won't smear?

Hi. i don't know why but everytime i wear eyeliner whether it's under my eye or on my eyelid it smears alot. what eyeliner should i use that won't smear?What is the best eyeliner that won't smear?鈥?/a>

This never smears. It's a bit costly, but the bottle lasts for months. I have tries every eyeliner, and this one never smears.What is the best eyeliner that won't smear?
i like benefit's eye liner. it never smears.
You should use the revlon colorstay, it's made so it will last long and won't smudge. that's the kind i use.
In my opinion Almay
try liquid eye liner but you have to wait for it to dry or else it will smear .... don't use in your eye
i absolutly love wet n wild's pencil eyeliner.its great and i use it everyday.u can get it prolly at ur local drugstore too.
u can try an liquid eueliner is betr but u can use cover girl it works really good or try mac
only put eyeliner on your top eye lip and make sure ure not ';unconsciencilly'; (sp) rubbing ure face
i get my eyeliner at sephora and ive never had problems with its only a couple of bucks..its not that should try it.
I have that problem too. Until I tried Maybeline Unstoppable eyeliner. It works great. Also if you don't mind spending extra time putting make-up on you might want to try Stilla (sp?) smudge pots. It also works very well and stays put. You just apply the gel-like eyeliner in a pot to your eye with a brush.
I think mac eyeliner thingy or eye gell thingy is pretty good!

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