Monday, June 21, 2010

Should you put eyeliner on the inside of your eyelids or outside?

My mom is always ragging me about me putting my eyeliner on the inside of my bottom eyelid/eyelashes and she always insist on me putting it underneath my it really that bad for you to put it inside??

oh and while im at it my eyeliner always seems to smudge underneath no matter if it's inside or out on the bottom so what can i do to help prevent the smudging??

thank you : ]Should you put eyeliner on the inside of your eyelids or outside?
Only line the inside if you have larger eyes. If you line the inside on smaller eyes they will look smaller.

Make sure you change out your eyeliner every three months if you do line the inside, because you don't want bacteria growing in your eyeliner and causing an infection.

Here's a guide for different types of eyeliners:鈥?/a>Should you put eyeliner on the inside of your eyelids or outside?
I prefer to put the liner on the outside AND inside of my upper lid (it adds depth to your lash line) and on the outside of my lower lid (it opens your eyes making them look larger).

I would suggest drawing the pencil line on the lower lid from the outside corner in only 1/3 of the way and then gently smudge the rest so that you don't look as though you have drawn a circle around your eye!!

A good little tip also, is to use a white eyeliner pencil inside your lower lid to, again, make your eyes look larger and brighter.

To prevent smudging, use a little powder or pressed compact before applying your liner and give a little dab AFTER applying.

Good luck.
they say it is not sanitary to put it on the inside, but ihave done it for years and had no problems, lol, and i put it in and out, cuz i love the dramatic look! and as for the smudging you may need to try a more expensive brand. I used to wear NYC, and Wet n Wild and it smudged constantly. so just try like revlon or something, and it should'nt smudge. personally i order avon eyeliner. lol
That makes me want to scratch my eyes. It goes above the eyelashes. If you put it under the lashes, I am sure it won't do anything but maybe irritate your eyes.

I use a powder foundation as a base for my black pencil eyeliner never smudges. And it keeps eyeshadow in place too. You can get a cheap covergirl Powder Foundation...Love it!
She probably thinks that on the outside it looks better or something ... I do too. When putting eyeliner on the rim of your eye it makes your eyes seem smaller. On the outside it looks a little more natural and eyes don't look small.
I like it when girls put eyeliner on the inside. I have seen, black and dark blue being used that looks good.

I think it makes the eyes look peircing and dramatic and pretty.
inside outside would look like to much
I put it inside and it hasn't caused me any harm. And to help prevent smudging [a problem I had before] I found that using some liquid eyeliner on top helps.
pencil liner is fine for your waterline. its not bad for you.

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