Monday, June 21, 2010

How to apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner?

Hi! I am pretty decent on putting on liquid eyeliner, my only problem is that I am not good at putting it on thin. I usually mess up the thin line so i just keep putting on another layer to even it out. Does anyone have any good techniques to put on liquid eyeliner thin and straight. I don't like to use pencil because it smears too easy and doesn't look as sleek. Thanks!!How to apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner?
at the corner of your eyes kinda like pull it like this鈥?/a> and just try to get as close to the eye lashes as you can, and dont go too fast, and slowly apply a thin line =]How to apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner?
I use this l'oreal carbon black intense liner, it has a really thin felt tip rather than the traditional brush, and it's pretty much fool proof. make sure you are really close to your lash line and a steady arm restion on the counter for me does the trick
i have trouble with this too.

what i do is: i start at the middle of the lid and i work my way to the outer corner using small strokes. then i go back to the middle and work my way to the inner corner.

i mess up a lot so i make sure to have a Q tip with me. it does the trick. =)
Mac makes a really great cake liner that you should try out with a liner brush. If I mess up, instead of making the line thicker, I use a moistened Q tip to clean it up.
My solution has been to just get a wet q tip and fix the smudges. It ends up taking me less time to just fix it than to try to put it on perfect.
try this site..

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